Contributing to the field of art-making, art education, and museum education, I see my role as a hybrid co-conspirator. I work to facilitate learning experiences by challenging and empowering learners, drawing upon the creative problem-solving of an artist, the content curiosity of a curator, and the pedagogy of an educator.

Jaime teaching a course on printmaking

My teaching philosophy is founded in the belief that art education is a dynamic and transformative process that transcends the mere acquisition of technical skills and cross-cultural knowledge. Drawing from my museum and higher education experience, I emphasize a learner-directed approach that encourages exploration, critical thinking and questioning, and meaningful engagement with life, not just artistic concepts.

In my classroom, I aspire to create an inclusive and collaborative learning environment where students of all backgrounds and abilities can experiment and express themselves authentically. Through the integration of object-based learning, I work to inspire a deep connection between students and the artworks, fostering an appreciation and understanding of social, historical and cultural contexts. I believe the studio to be a space for experimentation and dialogue, where each student’s unique perspective contributes to a rich tapestry of creative exploration. By incorporating interdisciplinary approaches, leveraging my studio practice, and my museum education background, I seek to empower students to not only refine their technical skills and visual literacy, but also to develop a lifelong passion for learning, artistic inquiry and expression.