Artist Statement

My art builds upon the histories of painting and printmaking, channeling my visual encounters with specific moments and locations into vibrant creations. Inspired by the hues of my surroundings, I directly draw on the inked surface with locally sourced materials such as threads, shards, and beads. These elements, layered upon layer, imprint quasi-anticipated patterns of positive and negative, constructing a visually intricate narrative.

Image of Jaime holding a brush and painting on a wall
Jaime sketching a mural

I believe the art-making process to be a dance between meticulous construction and the serendipity inherent in printmaking. Each object pressed or embossed on the plate contributes to a carefully curated texture that traverses the composition, providing room for improvisation within the printing process. By printing only one image per pass through the press, I challenge the conventional notion of multiples, capturing the essence of the place and the moment where my artistic journey unfolds.

My investigations echo the spirit of plein air painters, infused with a contemporary technical twist. Through research and drawing inspired by local light, landscape, and architectural patterns, I offer viewers a gateway to explore the visual subtleties of a place they may someday visit. My work serves as a visual escape, inviting them into a tactile 2D existence adorned with frozen rhythms, patterns, and the captivating colors of a destination that beckons exploration.