Artist Statement

Building on the history of painting and printmaking, I create works inspired by my visual experience of a specific place and time. Palette colors are inspired by my surroundings as I draw directly on the plate with locally found materials, i.e. layering threads, shards, beads, etc. on top of the inked surface. Each object creates a mark that is pressed or embossed, creating quasi-anticipated patterns of positive/negative in the picture plane. Carefully constructed textures cross the composition while allowing for improvisations intrinsic to the printing process. Printing only one image from each passage through the press, I challenge the medium, subvert the idea of multiples and document the place and the moment in which I am working.

Continuing investigations similar to plein air painters but with a modern technical twist; I research and draw inspired by local light, landscape and architecture. My work offers the viewer an opportunity to explore the visual nuances of a place they could visit—a visual escape into a tactile 2D existence, with frozen rhythms, patterns and color of a place they may now want to visit.